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work samples

Here you will find examples of some mixes Dave has done that he likes.
These should give you an idea of what he’s about as a mixer.

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” Working with Dave on my latest song project was an absolute pleasure! He took a skeleton of an arrangement I had and turned it into an epic listener experience. It was so well recorded, performed (he played most of it for me), mixed and mastered that it truly belongs on the top shelf of world-class recordings.

jeremia red

Modern Rock tune with saturated vocals and drums.

under your spell

Under Your Spell is a song by Eric Pasley, produced by F. Reid Shippen in Nashville. I took a short session with Reid and during the course of that, was given the multitracks for this song to mix. So mix it I did. Below you will find the before mix (rough) and then the finished mix. 

Great song by Eric and a blast to mix. Nashville players rock!


This was a project brought to me by Buck Moore who is an old friend and a very good artist in his own right. It is a song originally written by Mark Richards and Buck when they were playing together in a band called Throbbin’ Hoods. This was a great band! High energy fun with interesting songs. So, when Buck asked me if I wanted to take a go at producing and recording a version of the song…I naturally jumped on it, and we think it turned out great! And, it would not be the same without the wonderfully Buckonian solo. That makes it!

The first piece of audio is the rough demo/outline of the song … just acoustic and voice. The second is what it became.

dave filchak

A few examples from my own catalog of production projects. These were the complete process – demo to master.

other projects

Other projects that we feel are examples of great songs well produced.

cyrille aimee

This is a mix I completed for Cyrille Aimee using multitacks provided by Pure Mix and courtesy of Al Schmitt. An example of a fine performance in the Jazz Pop idiom.

amber skye

Howlin’, a song by Amber Skye,  an American Actress, Singer and Songwriter.