audio services

rates for audio services

rates for audio services

rates for mixing:

We like to keep this as simple as possible:

$150.00 CAD per song, with up to two revisions per mix.

$125.00.00 CAD per song for 2-6 tracks, two revisions per mix.

Album rates are negotiable.

  • You must provide the stems at 48k, 24/32 bit.
  • Stems can be delivered to Dropbox and the mix will be made available for review online.
  • Stems must all be properly named, indicating what is in the stem and,  they should be in one clearly named folder, named after the song/artist.

Please include any examples of style or sound that you are aiming for.

rates for mastering:

$60.00 CAD per song if zuka did the mix. 
$80.00 CAD per song if zuka did not do the mix.

  • Files must be provided to us at 48k, 24 bit.
  • Upload to Dropbox and make available for review online.
  • Files will be delivered back to the customer electronically.
  • Song longer than 5 minutes? Contact us for a custom quote.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required prior to beginning any mix or mastering session.

Once the mix or master has been approved, the remaining balance is due and the files will be delivered via Dropbox Send or WeTransfer once the final billing payment has been made.

All charges are exclusive of applicable taxes.