meet sandee

meet Sandee

Sandee Roelcke is a digital media specialist, educator, and partner of Zuka Inc., and a specialist in working alongside non-profit organizations and small businesses since 1994.

Sandee’s background is diverse and storied – with music and visual media being deeply ingrained in her passions. From her early days as a piano refinisher and to guitar specialist – she turned her focus to print and screen media production and design, a profession which began with freelance projects, working with former music industry colleagues in 1992.

A year later, she became a partner with Zuka Inc., working with clients from a diverse cross-section of Canadian industries – among them – Xerox, Royal Bank, Sony/Hummingbird Centre, YWCA Toronto, and StreetKids International.

Sandee’s passion also can be found as an educator.

She has been a Professor of Digital Media at Toronto’s Seneca College since 2007 in the School of Media (SOM), and in the School of Creative Arts and Animation (SCAA) since 2010, in the following programs, as part of the Faculty of Communication, Art and Design:

School of Media:

  • Event and Media Production
  • Journalism
  • Radio Broadcast
  • Television Broadcast

School of Creative Arts and Animation:

  • Independent Illustration